Knight & Day

A utilities company.
"Bundling the world at an affordable price."
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Knight & Day is a utilities company focused on providing quality services, aimed for the consumer.


While also keeping costs low, Knight & Day aims to keep the utmost quality and consistency throughout all of our services.

Customer Service

We also strive to provide our valued members with top-of-the-line customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Products Available

Knight & Day has lots of utility plans to fit everyone's needs. Choose a plan that fits yours.

What We Do

This year, Knight & Day has revamped its company into one of the best commercial utilites provider in VEI.
We offer a range of products from simple monthly services like water or gas,
up to more advanced bundles that consist of multiple utilites, allowing our customers to save.

What is VEI

VEI stands for Virtual Enterprises International.
VEI is an educational program that many schools have been adopting,
allowing students to experience what a real world job environment would feel like.
Students get to run the company, manage departments, and more.
If you would like to learn more about VEI, feel free to visit the official VEI website:
Virtual Enterprises International

Meet The Team

  • Jessenia Willis - CEO
  • D' Angelo Dorsey - CFO
  • Giacomo Lucchese - CAO
  • Heaven Davis - CMO
  • Chase Heim - Webmaster
  • Angelina Byrd - VP Administration
  • Cindy Tran - VP Design & Layout
  • Moustafa Mhamad - VP Marketing
  • La`Shay Clark - VP of Accounting
  • Tyshawn Whitt - VP of Sales of Purchasing
  • Justice Hankins - Administration
  • Justin Blake - Administration
  • Michael Brown - Administration
  • Antonette Box - Accounting
  • Empress Ashford - Accounting
  • Jared Brown - Accounting
  • Angelo Graves - Design & Layout
  • Connor Kelley - Design & Layout
  • Henrey Harmon - Design & Layout
  • Priscilla Kelly - Design & Layout
  • Kevin Martinez - Marketing
  • Nyesha Gibson - Marketing
  • Oluwa Heru - Marketing
  • Shailia Richardson - Sales & Purchasing
  • Syni Mclin - Sales & Purchasing